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Step 1: Submit Your Proposal

You will need details such as

  • Event description, proposed event date(s), room/areas desired, budget and profitability plan (hard costs vs. ticket sales, raffle etc.); 
  • Equipment and supplies and lodge expectations (tables, tablecloths, plates, cups, utensils, microphone, sound system, raffle tickets, etc.)
  • The charity to benefit from the event (such as the Elks National Foundation, the WA State Therapy Program, or Children’s Hospital). If you’re unsure, we can help with recommendations. See our list of potential beneficiaries.  Alternatively, a lodge purchase/needs, i.e., patio cushions, furniture, heaters, new dishes, silverware, etc. 
  • Volunteer estimate (both provided /and to be provided by the elks)

Things to know

  • Submit your proposal as early as possible
    ideally 3-4 months before your event. This will provide enough time for us to review your proposal, confirm the space, date, and help you finalize your plan and prepare promotions. We recommend allowing a buffer of time to advertise in the newsletter as well.
  • The Activities Committee will present your proposal to the lodge floor, and the board chair will review for   budget constraints. The committee will and get back to you with approvals as soon as possible. Once approved, details will be forwarded to the lodge bookkeeper.
  • As the chair of the event, you will be personally responsible for all event details
    (Including proper set-up and clean-up of the area, the kitchen (if used), any linens, dishes, etc.) and be the touchpoint for all communications.
  • Kitchen needs
    If the kitchen is needed, we’ll work with the House Committee (HC) on options.  Sunday afternoons are great times for potluck-style events.

Step 2: Make your Plan

  • Form event committee and delegate tasks
    Ask your Elk friends to help — one person can’t do it all.
  • Expense compensation
    If you expect to be compensated, expenses must be pre-approved. If help is needed regarding expenses types, we can assist.
  • Advanced funds request
    If advanced funding is required, complete the Funds Request form in advance.  If you need a “bank” or till at your event for making change, you can include those details as well.  You can turn the till back into the bartender at the end of the event for deposit.
  • Off hour access
    If there is a need for off  hour access we can do our best to accommodate.
  • Once you’ve finalized the specifics of your event
    Send them to the Activities Chair so we can facilitate the design of promotions for the newsletter, our Facebook page, flyers, table tents, screen, website, and Elks app. It is your responsibility to print and distribute items such as flyers and table tents, we can often assist with this.  Nearly all events are for Members and their Guests only. This language needs to be included in the promotional materials, and all guests must sign in.
  • Volunteer needs
    We’ll put you in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator
  • Raffle or game of chance – HOLD till further notice
    A raffle form with money and details will need to be completed, including beginning and ending ticket numbers, and details about anyone who wins cash or prizes valued at $50 or more. Gambling money should not be mixed with any other activity money.
  • Cash expense purchases prohibited
    The Grand Lodge policy prohibits paying cash for expenses directly from the proceeds.
  • Volunteer time reporting
    Record volunteer time leading up to and during the event via our website under the volunteer tab.

Step 3: Final Wrap-up

As soon as your event is finished, all money collected should be turned in to the office if open, or the bartender by the end of the night. It should be placed into envelopes along with any required paperwork, clearly labeled, and sealed.

Complete and submit paperwork
Complete and submit paperwork as soon as possible.  Ideally along with any money you’ve collected.

Turn in all receipts to the lodge bookkeeper within one week of your event, clearly identifying what each is for and noting all donations. For reimbursements, complete the Funds Request form if/as needed for reimbursements.