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New Member Info


Introduction to Elks Technology

Our Lodge Seattle Elks Lodge #92:*

WA State Elks Association:, LOGIN ID: BPOEWA, Password: Wsea1905

Elks National Site:

App: My Elk App, download via the app store


After Elk Membership Induction

Register at the site 

Register, you can only register if you are an inducted member

Please complete the profile and “allow” to print/publish info in directory. This directory will only be used for Elk business connections, i.e., events, volunteer opportunities, etc.. This is critical to the success of our lodge.  Please be mindful when adding interest and be sure to include club committee interests as well. This allows the leadership team to search the directory and provide you info regarding interests for further engagement and involvement..


Once registered, and logged in you can do things like

Invite a Member to Join

– go to the members HOME page menu

– scroll to the “invite someone to join” button

– provide the requested information, and

– click the button “send invitation for membership”

– it is necessary to be logged in to use the invite link


Sign up for Automated giving on the TALL Elks App

Recording Time for volunteer hours

information is recorded at the Talk Elks level and we are awarded funds for charity such

as the WA Elks Therapy Program for Children

Sign up to Volunteer

Sign up for Committees, get involved immediately HERE

Member Skills 

If you provide your business skills in the interest section of your profile when registering for ELKs.Org we could potentially reach out to you when applicable.

Technology behind the technology.  The site is a secured site which contains proprietary and personal information. The site information can provide information to other user interfaces, such as the Elks App when you are registered, and/or both signed in.  If not signed in, it will prompt you to do so.  Without being registered, you are limited to what you can view and do. ONLY registered members can invite others to join.