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Activities planning per the Activities Manuals
Have an idea for a new event at the Seattle Elks?
Events are a great way for us to have fun, raise money for charity, and build relationships with our community. 

Step 1: Submit Your Proposal
Website via Google Forms, complete HERE
You will need details such as – <more detail>
  – please refer to the bottom of the more details page for additional forms

Things to know

  • Submit your proposal as early as possible
  • The Activities Committee will present your proposal to the floor of the Lodge
  • As the chair of the event, you will be personally responsible for all event details 
  • Kitchen needs <more detail>

Step 2: Make your Plan 

  • Form event committee and delegate tasks 
  • Expense compensation 
  • Advanced funds request
  • Off hour access
  • Once you’ve finalized the specifics of your event
  • Volunteer needs
  • Raffle or game of chance
  • Cash expense purchases prohibited
  • Volunteer time reporting <more detail>

Step 3: Final Wrap-up
As soon as your event is finished, all money collected should be turned in to the office if open, or the bartender by the end of the night. It should be placed into envelopes along with any required paperwork, clearly labeled, and sealed.

Complete and submit paperwork – <more detail>


Turn in all receipts to the lodge Secretary within one week of your event, clearly identifying what each is for and noting all donations. For reimbursements, complete the Funds Request form if/as needed for reimbursements. <more detail>